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Episode 283 - Brick of Coffee: LIVE from SXSW

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Jason Mantzoukas, Sasheer Zamata, Noel Wells, Horatio Sanz, and Dan Deacon join Matt Besser for live scenes about confusing coffee shop measurements, selling celebrity turds on eBay, and a low-budget rock tour. Plus, Lou Reed seeks snacks, and Dan uses his electronic stylings to supplement a trip through the dreamscape.




283 - Jason Mantzoukas, Sasheer Zamata, Noel Wells, Horatio Sanz


(2:50 - 7:23) Audience Suggestion - “Fireworks” - A coffee shop uses confusing measurements


(7:29 - 15:55) Audience Suggestion - “Haircut” - Selling a celebrity’s literal shit on eBay


(16:01 - 28:40) Let’s Listen to a Song - “When I Was Done Dying” - Doing illegal things is okay if they are done quietly enough


(31:04 - 37:49) Audience Suggestion - “Space Travel” - Passengers on a trip around the moon can’t stand each other


(37:52 - 42:03) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Malaysian flight? - Performing comedy right after a terrible event


(43:03 - 48:59) Audience Suggestion - “Magic Cards” - The birthday girl gets ignored because she doesn’t know Harry Potter very well


(49:07 - 55:03) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Earliest driving license - A band plans the reunion tour after having their driving licenses revoked


(58:57 - 1:04:06) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Lou Reed encounter - Lou Reed seeks snacks


(1:04:22 - 1:12:25) Audience Suggestion - “rated R” - Arrested for stressing out your dad until he got cancer


(1:12:33 - 1:20:48) Question from Audience - “What’s the first lie you remember telling your parents?” - Taking a journey through the dreamscape

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This is the best live episode that I've heard in quite some time. Everyone involved was fantastic.


Also, am I the only one who finds it a little odd that Dan Deacon (whose music seems to be very much oriented around electronics) apparently spent quite a long portion of his life not owning a car, a cell phone, or a computer? Was that due to some sort of Neo-Luddism, a lack of disposable income, or something else? Anyway, that's one enigmatic dude....

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