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From Justin to Kelly Revisited

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Hey everybody,


I recently re-listened to the episode on From Justin to Kelly, and hopped on IMDB and Wikipedia for a bit of additional research. There are 2 things I wanted to bring up I felt people would enjoy.


Firstly, Justin Guarini's career is absolutely flourishing. You may have seen him recently as Lil' Sweet from the Doctor Pepper commercials. Yes, that is in fact Kelly's own Justin



Secondly, in the spirit of Second Opinions, this unedited review from IMDB user ekudamram


My wife rented this video from the bait shop next to the motel. She said, "most of the videos were porn - flicks, and "Justin to Kelly" was the only thing the store had that looked good". Chick - flick, or porn? A ... I would have chose "Just Doin Kelly" instead I think. Anyway I've been wondering for years where Harley dropped that chick hitchhiker off. I had been meaning to find out. Proves the old saying is true that "they will let anyone become a cop." Glad to check that one off of my bucket list. Oh yea, what did I think of the movie? I must have dozed off after the "officer Cutter" scene. Though I liked "Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man"; seen it many times on satellite in 25 years as a matter of fact. Furthermore Tom Sizemore, Alec, Billy, and Daniel's big brother were actually plausible villains in that Don Johnson / Mickey Rourke likewise plausible "reluctant, but worthy tandem heroes" flick. Moreover HD & the MM is a hell of a lot better movie than this J to K stinker; I seen enough of the latter to rate it a 3 rather than 1 because to be fair I failed at staying awake; so that much I can tell you. Otherwise i'll have to ask my wife, and get back to you for a "Justin to Kelly" review. Better yet don't even waist your time just checkout the aforementioned Johnson, Rourke, Sizemore, and Baldwin flick instead. Or porn; heck any porn rates at least a 5 by default. Anyways, hope I didn't in any way spoil anybody's lifelong "Carmen Sandiego" / "Waldo" hunting - sojourn for nameless "femmes of the silver - screen." ."


Hope you enjoyed this post!

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