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Matt Besser does not care about the plight of the working class.

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Jeez Matt, I've been a listener since improv4humans started but I gotta say you really disappointed me with the recent case closed. What would a millionaire in his 50s who lives in LA know about working a shitty fast food job? I know you tried to act like you knew what those jobs are like, but I think you've must've forgot.


The cashier at a god damned subway has no obligation to care about your "feelings" on the price of the food you are going to stuff in your face. Oh it was 50 cents more than you thought? Tough shit, I make minimum wage, go tell someone who cares. You gonna act like you didn't want those 12 cookies??? Because you know your fatass did.


You should be ashamed that a person who is doing well in life like yourself Matty B would ever be caught "punching down" as you did in case closed the other day. You KNOW they don't make shit at Subway. And you act like he has a duty to change a sign over 50 stupid cents?! NOOOO. Get off your self righteous high horse Matt, what would a rich old man like you care about 50 cents when you could just buy a franchise yourself.


Since you were so interested in what he should have done in that situation I'll tell you. As soon as the old man starts yelling you point out the fact that he getting upset and yelling. This will only get him more angry because he doesn't want to be told something he knows he is doing. Then you say something "I'm sorry you didn't understand our prices sir." Again this is just to get under his skin to make him understand that no matter WHAT, this situation WILL NOT go the way he wants it to go. Then you proceed to stonewall any resolution that may come out of the conversation.


This will get his fatass out your store. Then you can get back to contemplating your life choices and why you are working at Subway.


I understand what you were trying to get at though. Not being a mope and all. Having a sense between right and wrong. Doing the right thing and changing the sign. But the world doesn't work that way Matt. Like it or not, there are some bad people in this world. Most of the time the right thing doesn't happen. Most people do the wrong thing. And some of them even like doing the wrong thing. I guess that's why I'm mad. Because you can't accept the basic nature of this world. A world where more than just 50 cents gets taken from people.


Don't you know that God has left this planet a long time ago? Just accept the fact that not every interaction between people is gonna be perfect. And stop calling minimum wage employees lazy because it makes you seem like an out of touch old geezer whose already made his money.




A fan.

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