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The Shrimps take on the Lucille Ballers at Lake Street Gym. Matt Gourley and Mark McConville call the action.

The Shrimps on Twitter: pistolshrimpsbb

The Shrimps on Instagram: @thepistolshrimps

Pistol Shrimps Radio on Twitter: @shrimpsradio

Pistol Shrimps Radio on Instagram: @pistolshrimpsradio


Matt Gourley on Twitter and IG: @mattgourley

Mark McConville on Twitter and Instagram: @markmcconville

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This one is a real stretch, but I could be convinced Ice-T was playing himself in the future as a reincarnated kangaroo-man fusion in Tank Girl. I mean, he says he was a cop, but he's played a lot of cops on TV...


Angry Anderson and Issac Hayes are in Beyond Thunderdome and Escape from New York respectively, but I don't think there's any evidence either is supposed to be themselves in any form.

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