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Episode 69 - Reunion, Part 3: Live from Largo (w/ Lauren Lapkus)

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Live from Largo in Los Angeles with special guest Lauren Lapkus, Casey and Danielle get at the most important question of the ages, "which house-husband can f*ck?" The Ladies perform a One Act play that will be winning awards for years to come and Lauren confesses a love for the (ex) Countess that no one thought was possible



Plus plenty of Boots on the Ground and another bunny bites the dust.

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HAAAA Im so glad they talked about the guy at the end of the table making a toast that was beyond! That fight was hysterical what a treat. Another thing I loved was Luann teaming up with Dorinda during the argument and then the next day Dorinda putting Lu in her place when they are sitting at the table for drinks..No loyalty lol . Those drinks looked like fucking gatorade maybe it was the lighting... Holy shit that live read was perfection I fucking vomited laughs.

Fantastic ep!

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