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Episode 289 - Laura Stevenson and The Baskin' Robinns

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Musical guest Laura Stevenson joins improvisers Joe Wengert, Mary Holland, and Craig Rowin for this week’s improv4humans! Laura plays a selection of songs that inspire scenes about coffee-focused wedding vows, a four-dollar milk scam, and a headache that demands compensation. Plus, a couple gets steamy while watching old war footage, and we find out why you should never compare your new girlfriend to a sailboat.




Episode 289 - Laura Stevenson, Joe Wengert, Mary Holland, Craig Rowin


(1:32 - 19:25) Let’s Hear A Song - "The Move" (1:32 - 4:07) - 1. Wedding vows focus on making each other coffee (4:08 - 11:08) / 2. Using four gallons of milk to scam around town (11:29 - 19:25)


(19:31 - 36:32) Let’s Listen to Another Song - "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" (19:37 - 22:25) - 1. Cooking the books for an inventory error goes wrong (22:29 - 28:34) / 2. Southern ice cream places offer adult services (28:48 - 36:32)


(39:04 - 53:37) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “Bells and Whistles” (39:08 - 41:29) - 1. Mary gives herself a perpetual headache by complaining about her headache (41:30 - 47:44) / 2. Getting turned on by Saving Private Ryan (47:59 - 53:37)


(53:44 - 1:15:47) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “The Hole” (53:51 - 56:06) - 1. Exposing your friend’s significant other for watching The Walking Dead without her (56:11 - 1:04:54)/ 2. Comparing your new girlfriend to every part of a sailboat (1:05:11 - 1:15:47)

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Good musician, great improvisers. Cool.

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I love when podcasts make accidental references to other podcasts. On this episode, Laura basically referred to "my ex-boyfriend whom I married", and Craig Rowin talked about ISIS.

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