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With 3,000+ recommendations in this forum, it can be difficult to find conversations with your fellow movie lovers/haters. Before you post, here are some guidelines to make it easier for everyone.

Search for existing threads before starting a new one.

  • Search for the longest word in the movie title. Common short words are sometimes ignored by the search engine, so pick the longest/most unique word from the movie's title.
  • Try searching via Google. For movies with multiple short words in the title, it's faster to use Google to search the forums. To find the movie The 6th Day, for example, try a custom Google query like:
    site:forum.earwolf.com "The 6th Day"

If you're starting a new thread, make its title the movie name and release year only.

Including extra words in the title will produce more unrelated search results, making it harder for others to find threads in the future. Keep it simple and use the format: Space Jam (1996)

One movie per thread.

The gang only reviews one movie per episode, so limit recommendations to one movie per thread. Feel free to create multiple threads!

Don't link to unauthorized streaming copies of the movie.

Paul usually points out where you can watch the next movie when it's announced on the minisode. Embedding trailers, clips, or film critique is acceptable (and encouraged!) but don't link to full movies.

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