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Very new to podcasting, I'd really appreciate some feedback!

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Hi all,


I am very new to podcasting, and would really love some feedback on the first few episodes of my podcast, which I have put together with a friend. I hope this doesn't seem like self-promotion, I am just very unsure as to whether the format of the show is good!


It's a show where we take pop culture references and interpret them overly literally (all satirically!), and it's called "Literally What Does That Mean?".

Any feedback in the comments would be great, or I can give you my email address if that's better!







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Well, without listening, since I don't have iTunes, I would say that first, it's all the same whether you're old or new to it, secondly, this is a terrible place to ask for advice, just take a look at other similar threads, and third, you shouldn't give two f's about what others think, least of all random folk, and measure it by how satisfying of a process it is. Oh, and maybe don't like your own posts... HTH :P

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Hey! I just listened to the Milkshake episode and really enjoyed myself!

I think the 20-30min time is perfect for the show, it never felt like it was dragging or anything.

Also I really like your rendition of the song at the top of the ep, I hope you guys do that for every song!


I was trying to think of a recurring segment that could go well with the show. Something like checking in on an expert for the matter or checking in on last weeks episode. I'm going to think on it a bit more after this coffee.



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