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Hollywood Handbook discussions/thoughts that don't deserve their own thread.

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This article reminds me of intern Andy's fetish from the Karen Kilgariff episode.



Is Lee Harvey Osworld (Hayes's episode of Big Lake) available for purchase anywhere even? I want to watch it, I'm captivated by the premise. I could probably find it myself with another two minutes on google, paid or not.


I'm sure I'll think of more stuff later but I'm sleepy. Do you guys have anything?

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Thinking about Lee Harvey Osworld, and this is edging into good-enough-to-be-it's-own thread territory, but...


Max Land-is-my-Land-dis-Land-is-your-Land-dis-Land-was-made-for-you-and-me Land

Where's Worldo?

Muddy Water(s) Park (Do people know who Muddy Waters is?)

Rosa Park

Stevie Wonderland

Henry David Thoreau's Worlden



Maybe they do all of these in the episode, I haven't watched it yet.



Found the episode on youtube. It's got 7 views and is three days old.



Also: Six Flags Rodriguez

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Just watched it. I was hoping that we would actually get to see the Museum/Theme Park in it's finished form. Still, a worthy watch.

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