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The Shrimps take on the Princess Layups at the North Weddington Auditorium Season Finale. Matt and Mark really call the action.

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Pistol Shrimps Radio on Instagram: @pistolshrimpsradio

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Mark McConville on Twitter and Instagram: @markmcconville

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Nothing more entertaining than listening to a middle aged man whine for an hour. Good on Mark for standing his ground. Matt's heart hasn't been in this podcast for a while now it seems. Liked it better when it was Mark and his wife than the last few with Matt. Might be time to let this one die boys.

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"I'm not threatening, I'm just stating a menacing comment" completely made my day. And I don't care what Kallewille says.

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Yea shut it kallewille. Although I did love all the special guest eps, especially Mark's wife's episode, you can't beat the OGs. Also cut Matt some slack, dude just got married and honeymooned within the past 1 1/2 month.

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