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Homework: Raising Arizona (1987)

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Next week Amy will be joined by writer Ira Madison III to discuss the 1987 Coen Brothers' film, "Raising Arizona."

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This will be the easiest, earliest "Yes" vote I have ever made here.


The Coens are my second-favorite filmmaker(s), after only Wes Anderson. And Raising Arizona is my second-favorite film of theirs (after Barton Fink), but easily the most enjoyable film they've made. I could see putting it at #1. It's super-close.


I'm voting now. I'll vote again in a week, for the record. But I'm also voting now. No way I'm not voting for this. Had I been here back in the when, I woulda voted 100% for Grand Budapest, the only other more-obvious pre-vote I can think of. This is - possibly even including a Barton Fink episode - my mostest of mostfully prejudicial votes.

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Raising Arizona isn't that high on my personal Coen list, but I'm a probable Yes vote because it's the early film that defined their comedic style and probably influenced a generation of comedy filmmakers. And it's also a great movie, even if it's not my personal favorite of theirs.

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