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Skype audio issue

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Hey everyone,


I am hoping someone here can help me.. I have a podcast where I interview people (audio only) over Skype. Lately, guests have been complaining that they can hear themselves when talking. I know this means the problem is on my end, but I can't seem to find a fix. Here is my setup:


Mackie Tapco mixer plugged to PC via an Edirol digital audio interface

Sennheiser headphones plugged to mixer

Roland digital recorder plugged to mixer

Audio Technica mic plugged into mixer


I have been using Skype with this setup for 2 years and all the sudden, I am having this issue where guests are hearing themselves when talking. I have used the Skype Echo test with no issues, I have moved my mic as far from my mixer as I can (opposite side of table) and I still can't seem to get this resolved. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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