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Harris, I feel your pain

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I have to say that I really like Analyze Phish. I think that Scott and Harris are hilarious and the show is interesting, engaging, and funny all the way from beginning to finish even with a large amount of it being listening to music. It also sparks a lot of debate and introduces people to new music. It is a very original concept. Very well done guys.

I just wanted to say that I can really identify with Harris's frustration in his task. It is absolutely crushing when you just want someone to appreciate the music you love the same way you do and no matter how hard you try you can not get them to budge. I think he is making a great attempt that is well thought out and does a good job of explaining specific elements in the music to try and get his point across. It is far more effective than just saying "See dude. Doesn't that sound awesome? Cool right? listen to that. Oh yeah? Well you're just an idiot then."

I get into this same situation a lot with a band that I really like which also has a huge underground following of fiercely dedicated fans, a large array of diverse musical styles within their genre, very high musical production talent and quality (eventually), a lot of exposure to their music being needed before you can really get into them, and they are very often dismissed out of hand right away by people because of their image and the reputation of their fanbase. It always seems that no matter how hard you may try to reasonably convince people to like them, or at least check them out, 99% of the people will obstinately defy you. The band I'm talking about (have annoyed sigh on standby) is of course...The Insane Clown Posse (aaand sigh). I think with the right cogent points, music selection, and advisement to disregard their image and deeper messages that a lot of people could really appreciate their humor and musical talent. Any time I ever hear them brought up on podcasts and otherwise they are universally dismissed and bashed immediately. It is really quite frustrating to a real fan.

I am wondering if you guys would consider making this podcast a series where hardcore fans of bands with similar stigmas try to convince Scott to like their band or musical genre. I'm talking about bands or genres like Dave Mathews Band, The Grateful Dead, Jimmy Buffet, Primus, Nerdcore, Ska music, etc. If Scott is already a fan or indifferent to the band or genre maybe he or someone else can try to convince an open minded comedian who is not a fan. You guys do a great job of generating a lot of humor out of this unique situation you have set up and I think that it would also work with other bands.

Anyway, just wanted to put that out there. Great show guys.

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