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Episode 300 - 300th Episode: Yo, Is This Cake?

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Chad Carter, Ian Roberts, and Sean Conroy join Matt Besser to celebrate 300 episodes on this week’s improv4humans! They perform scenes about a variety show performer with terrorist inclinations, President Martin Van Buren’s upbringing as a bubble boy, and dating someone who speaks like a James Joyce book. Plus, we witness the final round of cuts for the Safety Patrol, and a struggling ice cream franchise promotes itself with fancy napkins.



300 - Chad Carter, Sean Conroy, Ian Roberts


(1:45 - 8:40) Intro Story - The origin of the “humons” - A faux-intellectual gets his girlfriend stolen at a party


(8:47 - 15:18) Twitter Suggestion - Trampoline - Variety show writer tries to incorporate terrorism into the show


(18:00 - 25:39) Question from Listener - “What is something you insisted to others you were right about, only to discover later that you were wrong?” - Making a surefire bet about an obscure president/Martin Van Buren grows up in a box


(25:47 - 32:37) Question from Listener - “What is something you’ve totally bullshitted your way through and got away with?” - A zoo mascot focuses on teaching kids how to prospect


(34:04 - 49:04) Letters from Grandma - The note that grandma told her daughter to keep - A shop owner sends anyone who associates with minorities through the back door


(49:07 - 57:07) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Racist on trial used defense of being uneducated - Murder defendant cites lack of algebra knowledge as defense in court


(58:15 - 1:06:59) Letters from Matt Besser’s Dead Dad - Ulysses quote - Taking the next step in your relationship with someone who speaks with James Joyce-esque vernacular


(1:07:06 - 1:15:28) Let’s Talk Some More About That - The Safety Patrol - The final round of cuts for the safety patrol gets contentious


(1:15:35 - 1:22:42) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Ian’s bad boy scout experience - New scoutmaster encourages scouts to punch each other in the face


(1:24:38 - 1:36:16) Intro Story - Brett brings out the cake - Nel’s ice cream store tries to pull in customers with nice napkins

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Excellent ep, podcast has been invaluable and crazy consistent. Now excuse me while I go down a Phillip K Dick-hole.

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