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San Diego Comic Con 2017

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Hey Gang,


Just dropping a line in wondering if the Best of Earwolf panel was taped and available to listen to? The same with the Comedy Bang Bang SDCC show. I know that one is usually in the CBB Special Edition area on the Howl/Stitcher site, but nothing has shown up. Is there an ETA on these two programs?



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We'll have it on Howl/Stitcher Premium VERY SOOOOOON

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So I'm starting to think about what things I should get for the my 2nd time going to Comic-Con. Last year, I don't think I was as prepared as the other veterans, and I have a small list of gear I think I should bring. I'm wondering what others think is worthwhile having considering how much of SDCC involves waiting / being in lines.


Here's what I think I'm going to be getting this year to help me prepare for a better experience :

- Backpack with hip straps that have plenty of room inside ( 30L+ or so )

- Phone Battery Case in addition to a extra USB Battery, with both lighting / micro usb cables for whatever I need to charge

- A folding chair that can be packed but isn't too heavy ( Does anyone have suggestions on this? Sort of like a camping chair but one that can be put inside a small-ish bag )

- I'll probably bring a point & shoot camera, otherwise just use my phone.

- Down Jacket that can be packed into itself for when it gets cold.

- Wireless Headphones - last year I didn't bring any headphones and it blew. Probably going to pack a smaller set, not necessarily over the ear type.

- Poster Tube with strap. I'll have to figure out how it'll work out with the backpack.

- Snack bag that has lining to keep food cool

- Hand Sanitizer


Anyone else have any thoughts on what's a good idea to bring?

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