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Episode 302 - Dipshit Understudy

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Paul Rust, Danielle Schneider, and Craig Rowin join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They take suggestions that inspire scenes about an anti-hypochondriac, terrible baby nurse candidates, and carving your name into a whale for love. Plus, the Budweiser family takes brand loyalty extra seriously when ordering drinks, and tourists on a nature trail stick their fingers in the mouths of the wildlife.




302 - Paul Rust, Danielle Schneider, Craig Rowin


(0:25 - 12:16) Intro Story - What is the male gaze? - Jaws writers have to rewrite the shark’s pedophilia and molestation out of the script


(12:30 - 26:03) Question from Listener - “Do you suffer from hypochondria?” - Ignoring all illnesses because everyone else if a hypochondriac


(26:52 - 43:50) Intro Story - Best parenting advice Besser and Danielle can give Paul? - Interviewing difficult baby nurse candidates


(43:56 - 53:56) Twitter Suggestion - Ants - Audience-going dad upstages actress daughter


(54:08 - 1:03:51) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Not getting to see Mario Lopez in A Chorus Line - Being forced to watch a dipshit understudy onstage


(1:04:06 - 1:12:40) What is Bothering You? - Tourists are crushing flowers while sightseeing - Whale watcher carves his name into a whale as an act of love


(1:12:49 - 1:25:10) Crap on Youtube - “Cops Say Budweiser Heir Tried To Fly Helicopter While Intoxicated” - Budweiser family takes loyalty to the brand seriously when ordering drinks


(1:25:17 - 1:35:20) Crap on Youtube - “Woman Drowns Raccoon With Her Bare Hands” - Nature trail tourists want to stick their fingers in the mouths of the wildlife

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Funny stuff.


And I have a dream cast for an episode someday...Paul Rust, Brian Huskey, Tim Meadows & Betsy Sodaro + Matt of course.


Just putting that out in the universe.

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