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I was recently made aware of this movie, thanks to Netflix's "finishing the words you start typing" search box. I put in H-E and noticed a bunch of Hercules movies pop up under it. "Little Hercules" caught my eye, so I read some reviews. Everyone hates it. I HAD to look up a trailer then, and...well...see for yourself:



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Little Hercules. A direct to video 3-D movie staring Hulk Hogan and real life bodybuilding child Richard Sandrak.


This film might be too bad, but thought it was worth mentioning.


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Having just been made aware of this. It HAS to be done.


Best part is, the full movie is on Youtube, and it's insane.


For starters, the opening credits last for over three minutes, and it's just the exact same thing, over and over again. You also have a "God Fight" between Hulk Hogan and The Big Show, rekindling their rivalry from WCW in 1995.


Do it, or face my wrath! Which is merely me going on about it for years like Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and Ready To Rumble.

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