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Hey y'all,
Normally I try not to be a whiney poster, since I know you guys get plenty of that already, but I figure you might have a use for legit store merch feedback.
I may not represent a typical user, but I personally find the merch range to be very narrow. It seems odd that you offer little other than t shirts (water bottles, pins, bags, sweaters, pens?), but the shirts you do have seem to all be the same heathered poly-cotton blend. I'd be a lot more likely to order a full cotton t shirt in a solid colour. Being a huge fan of Who Charted, I'd love to love their shirt (and I do love the drawring), but the stretchy blue would never actually look good on me.
Again, I get that most people ordering a fan t-shirt from a website are probably less concerned with fashion than I am, so you can take this with a grain of salt. But as a half-breed comedy nerd & design geek (who does not live in LA's fashion culture), I want a clothing purchase to have a real place in my wardrobe and not accentuate love handles.
So, I guess as actionable feedback goes, I'm asking you to release one of your designs, present or future, in a simple white on black, fully cotton, iconic-band-shirt format. Think Rolling Stones lips.
And make some pins or something already! Upsell upsell!

-The -Other- DT from Canada

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This was already discussed on a different thread now, but I want to make it clear that I meant this to be less bitchy than I think it reads. I'm not trying to say that the t-shirts would only be purchased by people who don't care about fashion, I was merely trying to aknowledge that the material choice is a kind of picky detail, and that most people are probably not that picky about a casual tee.
Basically my main point was that having one different style option might hit a wider market. I'm not fat-fat (just gay-fat), but I don't have abs and/or live in the south either, so I like a thicker tee. I'm going to shut up about this now.

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