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Letters to the Editor

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We didn't seem to have a thread for general impressions, feedback, and commentary not associated with a single episode. I hope it is not presumptive of me to start one.


I'm so happy to hear "Season Two" back on the air! I missed your easy camaraderie and fun take on the film franchise. Your first few episodes are great... you were able to so easily pick up again where you left off.


In Season One, you asked each guest for their first experience with a James Bond movie. I'd like to share mine and maybe other forum guests can contribute their stories as well.




The year is 1973. I am 11 years old. I'm at the drive-in movie theater sitting in the back of the car, watching Disney's forgettable animated version of Robin Hood. I turn around and look through the back window at another screen across the complex. A boat is flying through the air with a police car in hot pursuit! It lands in the middle of a wedding reception, sending tables and food flying! A man in a suit is jumping across the backs of alligators! A beautiful woman is being menaced by a voodoo priest dressed like a skeleton! My life would never be the same. There was so much more to movies than I had realized!


By the time The Spy Who Loved Me hit the theaters I was just shy of 16. I went to see it with my buddy. When Bond skied off the cliff and the film went into long shot of a man falling through the air - only to open a Union Jack parachute at the last minute - well, I was jumping and yelling like everyone else in the place.


Over time, I came to prefer other actors as Bond and I came to prefer the books to the films. But Roger Moore will always have a special place in my heart as the man who introduced me to the whole exciting franchise.




Now that Ian, Roger, and Herve are all together again in one place, perhaps you could round up the old Superego gang for a special ghostly appearance by all three? We haven't been able to enjoy interactions between Herve and Roger since they shared a golf game with Arnold Palmer.


Thanks for coming back and letting us all relive the joy of Bond together with you.

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