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Tracks of a Killer (1996, dir. Harvey Frost, Libra Pictures)


Summary from IMDB user Richard Jones: "In an effort to insure that his company is left in competent hands, an executive arranges physical and psychological test[sic] for a hand picked associate to assend[sic] to the top of his company upon his retirement. The two associates set off on a weeklong trip to the snowy mountains to be alone with their wives."


So, there's definitely some physical and psychological challenges between James Brolin and Wolf Larson, but the summary above makes it sound a lot better than it really is - It's basically a contest for who has the biggest dick. And losing these challenges somehow makes Larson so mad that he's willing to kill and torture people over it.


Kelly LeBrock plays Brolin's wife. When Brolin leaves their snowed-in cabin to get help after a race-gone-wrong, Larson proceeds to do weird shit to threaten Kelly LeBrock to get back at Brolin. For the duration of LeBrock being tied up or tortured, she proceeds to make the most unflattering, yet interesting faces I have ever seen a human make. And there's like 50 different ones.


At one point LeBrock has escaped from Larson's clutches and has a feasible amount of time to just kill Larson and save herself. But instead she ties him to a chair and then goes outside for more firewood. And is very chill about it. In fact, she could probably work for the CIA, considering how unshaken she is by her experience with Larson. Or maybe it's just bad acting? I'm not sure.


This film is available for streaming on Amazon, if you subscribe to that sort of thing.


Unfortunately there aren't any great Second Opinions on Amazon to share... bummer.

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