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A simple way to listen to old episodes?

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I am an happy stitcher premium member. However, I found out that it is really difficult to access specific old episodes.


My old method on earwolf.com or my podcast app.


1. Click on a show

2. Display the entire episode list

3. CTRL + F ->search for an episode number/name of the guest/name of the episode

4. Listen in browser or access quickly the episode on my podcast app


But now this is really difficult:


I cannot listen to them directly in my browser or using my regular podcast app because of the paywall.

Stitcher has the worst search engine. It cannot find episodes numbers/names of the guest etc... And Stitcher.com doesn't have a full episode list, you have to click endlessly on the "Display More" button. And because there's no more episode number (for CBB at least), you really have to pay attention to find the one you're looking for...


Stitcher is a cool app to browse new shows and having interesting recommendations based on podcast preferences. However I cannot use it to access the archives of older shows. It would have been so much easier to keep all the old stuff on earwolf.com with a premium login...


Am I missing something or Stitcher.com still needs a lot of improvement on that aspect?

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time machine would be easier


trick is finding a pilot


You like 18th century fashion? PayPal some sweet sweet cheddar to monterhey@gmail.com and I'll find you a pilot that can get you close enough to Marie Antoinette's closet you can smell the lack of daily bathing and deodorant from inside the time portal

You like the American Revolution? Go ahead and send some gold bars to that PayPal so you can brush George Washington's dentures....with poison. That's right, let's see how revolutionary America would be without the stoic dentured freak keeping liberty in line. The power vacuum would cause such chaos you might be stuck fighting Indians and Redcoats while we figure out how to fix a 24th century machine in 1700's Colonyburghsylvannia. Maybe we hook Benjamin Franklin up with some future (to him) science books, cook his noodle a little bit see if he can get his key to shock us back to functioning fully. Note to self: bring future tools and extra fuel on all time trips to avoid played out plot devices such as time machine breaking down in past. What's gonna happen next, gonna hook our DeLorean to a town clock on a stormy night? Get original, me or you are off this writing team. Sorry. No problem.

You like rubbing your junk on pyramids? PayPal some clinky clinky change to yours truly and I'll have you tea bagging King Tut, the real King Tut, before he's even whisked off to space to join the star children. Yeah, there'll be some pyramids, don't get your teabag all twisted there sailor



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