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It's a classic story. All-girl punk/new-wave band Vicious Lips has one night to get to the biggest gig of their career. There's just one problem: it's on another planet and their manager has crash-landed their (stolen) spaceship.


It's like Jem meets Alien meets a lot of cardboard sets.




This movie has everything: music, zombies, aliens, bug zapper musical instruments, breasts (for Jason), and an it-was-all-a-dream ending (also for Jason).


I had never heard of this movie before I saw it on my local Comet channel. It's definitely a bad movie, but it has a lot of charm, especially the aesthetic and the music. It kind of drags after the initial setup but I loved the ending.

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After hearing about this movie on the Shock Waves podcast, i decided to check it out on Amazon Prime. The movie is about a interstellar band that steals a prison space ship in order to make it to high profile gig, only to crash land on a desert planet.

Vicious Lips definitely is cheesy movie with a promising over-the-top beginning that eventually comes to a halt after the crash landing. The rest of the movie deals with inner turmoil of the band getting a new lead singer and occasionally acknowledging that there is a escaped convict aboard the ship. The music in the movie was actually not that bad and one of the things that kept me watching. The ending will make you wonder if it was a Jacob's ladder scenario.

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The movie is so frustrating to watch because it has a such a great concept. There's about 1/3 of a decent movie in there, but you're right, as soon as they crash the ship it gets bogged down. I think the music is really stellar (pun intended).

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Totally agree, just watched this a couple of weeks ago.


This film has a good concept and the fact that its very 80s as well gives it an extra bit of something going for it but out of all of this film there is only about a third of a good film in there and that last 20 ish minutes and the ending.. what!?!

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Vicious Lips (1986)

Director: Albert Pyun

Writer: Albert Pyun

Running Time: 1 hr 24 min

Rating: R

Starring: Dru-Anne Perry, Gina Calabrese, Linda Kerridge


Yeah so this movie... it's basically like a battle of the bands-type plot except set in outer space. A band loses their lead singer so their manager finds a naive girl to take her place at the last minute, and then about 30 minutes later they get the opportunity of a lifetime to play a gig in outer space that's a big deal. Their spaceship crash-lands onto a planet of sand dunes and they scramble to figure out their next move while also making the gig on time.


That synopsis makes it sound much more exciting than it actually is. The film does not take itself very seriously, so I debated on whether or not to submit this. But I also feel like it's trying too hard to be over-the-top, when actually the story is pretty boring. The hair and outfits are nuts as you can imagine. The music is pretty alright but also space-related and kind of corny. The film was only released on blu-ray within the last 10 years and since then some have called it a cult classic, but I still think it's too boring to be a good cult classic. Like, at least in The Room there's people walking in and out of the apartment for the whole running time - in this film there's gobs of women just staring off or walking around a space ship.


Also - The guy who directed this also did Cyborg with Van Damme. AND a ton of action/sci-fi movies starring rappers like Snoop Dogg, Master P, Ice-T, etc. Of course Steven Seagal and Tom Sizemore were in some of his films as well.


Here's some Amazon Second Opinions:


Five Stars: "YOLO" - "This is true cinematic art at its finest. Required viewing for any serious student of film history. The quality of the wiggery is superb, and the vocal styling and athleticism of the pedantic manager character deserves recognition. Did I mention there are tits? At points, the mirage of a plot appears before us like an oasis in the desert of the insanity that is this movie, but is quickly revealed as an illusion - genius!


Our friend Greg recommended this movie, and we should have known better.


TLDR; Lunar Madness is dope af."


Four Stars: "Fun!" - "Girl band crashes their ship and soon find themselves under attack.


Not sure why this was unreleased here in the USA for so long. I watched this on HD and really liked it. Some parts drag especially in the middle, but most movies do."

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