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Stephen King's The Stand

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I decided to watch this after hearing Ben Afflec was doing a theatrical version. Holy crap does this movie need a remake.

First off the devil wears denim, has a mullet, and sports a chin like Jay Leno.
The old ladies make up looks like crap.
The Rat King, or whatever his name is, wears this ridiculous outfit.
The bad guys wear hard hats as part of their terror outfits.
After almost losing her baby, Molly Ringwalds doctor says "Well you won't be doing 100 yard sprints any time soon." The dialog is like that througout the entire thing.

There is so much more I think a whole show could easily be done on this mini series. If you loved it in the 90's then please rewatch it because it does not stand the test of time. Watch it just so you can see how awful the wardrobe choices are. Peace out bitches.

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