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Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

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The part about Stonehenge is talked about on the news in the beginning of the film and I sort of missed it, when I re-watched the film the next day, it made more sense sort of. it's funny because you can't get any where near Stonehenge anymore. they have that place locked down now so drunk warlocks can't trying to steal bit's of it or stupid tourists anyway LOL.


That's why that ridiculous line about how hard it was to get there was such a crazy/lazy way to skirt the issue.

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Three more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Three more days to Halloween, Silver Shamrock!


Hey if you have Spectrum and you subscribe to the Starz Encore channels you can stream this movie for free. Just hit the select button on your remote when you arrive at one of those Starz channels.


I found an alternate movie poster for the movie and had a little fun with it. Happy Halloween everybody!



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This is a bad movie but yet if it is on TV i want to watch it, why?


Because it's fun-bad. Like The Stuff (another HDTGM suggestion that I'm shocked has not been done).

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I watched this last month gearing up for Halloween. I rewatch a lot of stuff during October. I really don't think this movie is too bad. It just has the misfortune of following a great Halloween and better-than-reviews Halloween II, despite having no Michael or continuation of the story. Yeah, it's a weird one, but it's really watchable. It also has a great Carpenter soundtrack.


I give the movie a C+/B-.

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