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Episode 308 - Hard Knocks

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It’s Monday morning, the final day of cuts for the 53-man roster for improv4humans. It’s an agonizing ordeal for humans, and it’s come down to Coach Besser’s final cut.

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Great episode. I love these more experimental eps.


Anyone know if this one is in reference to anything like many of the previous armenisodes?

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I'm ashamed to admit that I always believed that "Don't think" was among UCB's rules for improv as well. Not in the sense of, "just turn your brain off and utterly disengage," but more in the sense of, "just rely on your training to react in the moment and organically follow the game of the scene, rather than 'actively try to think of something funny to say,' which might ruin everything." I had no idea about the actual origin of that phrase.


This is all really just confirmation of the fact that I really need to finally pull the trigger on ordering myself a copy of the UCB Comedy Improv Manual.

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