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Episode 309 - LIVE from DCM 19 Pt. 2

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Tim Meadows, Horatio Sanz, Chad Carter, Shaun Diston, John Gemberling, Adam Pally, Gil Ozeri and Anthony Atamanuik join Matt Besser for part 2 of improv4humans live from DCM 19! They perform scenes about a computer with a farting problem, an open house at Jeffrey Dahmer’s old place, and a McDonald’s customer demanding compensation after eating a chicken head. Plus, a wedding videographer takes the production too far and historical enthusiasts learn the terrible truth about George Washington.




(0:15 - 8:45) Intro Question - “Did your creativity ever get you in trouble with authority figures?” - Bringing your computer into the shop because it keeps farting



(8:46 - 15:36) Audience Suggestion - Tylenol - Realtor shows off Jeffrey Dahmer’s house



(15:41 - 24:18) Audience Suggestion - Incinerator - Shaun tries have fun with the neighborhood “Good Kid”



(24:19 - 33:56) Audience Suggestion - Poptart - McDonald’s customer tries to get compensation after eating a chicken head



(36:08 - 45:36) Intro Story - Pally got busted for NY’s different weed laws - Attempts to beguile a cop with high-profile connections backfire/hiding your vape from the cops with a vape-bird



(45:37 - 54:40) Audience Suggestion - Doorknob - Gil’s girlfriend gets subjected to his college friends’ crazy random rules



(54:41 - 1:01:48) Audience Suggestion - Cable - Wedding videographer treats the wedding like a production



(1:01:49 - 1:15:27) Question from Listener - “Does your hometown have any legendary stories?” - Historical tourists hear terrible stories about George Washington

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A+ Noid impression by Gemberling.


I agree. Plus, that was the most masterful impression of Eric Bana that I've ever heard.


Note: I've heard exactly one Eric Bana impression.

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