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Episode 310 - Shuba Shubo Shoezaphone

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Tim Meadows, Dan Lippert, and Don Fanelli join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They improvise scenes about shoe-based instruments, a student with a highly unusual name, and the truth about the iPhone 9. Later, the finalists in the intern contest show off their promotional work, leading to scenes about John Williams’ one-man show and celebrity masks for your dog.



(2:42 - 15:22) Question from Listener - “What was a time you felt like you really fucked up?” - Don has to keep his hands on his balls in order to remain calm

(15:29 - 25:34) Twitter Suggestion - Shoehorn - A parent uses a “shoehorn” as an instrument to embarrass their child into putting their shoes on

(26:45 - 35:30) Twitter Suggestion - Emoji name - Student explains the backstory behind their extremely odd name

(37:13 - 47:49) Let’s Talk Some More About That - How do people have fun with emojis? - the iPhone 9 is a giant flip phone and everyone wants it

(47:57 - 54:39) Let’s Interview an Intern - Amy took uber rides and made them play i4h - Uber pool passengers vote on what music to listen to

(1:01:01 - 1:16:32) Let’s Interview an Intern- Sam Goodrich’s submission video - School faculty trades Beowulf puns with the students

(1:17:33 - 1:36:17) Let’s Interview an Intern - Asher Tessier’s submission video - Parents get harsh about their kid’s improv to his face

(1:36:23 - 1:47:29) Let’s Interview an Intern - Julie’s filter - The wealthy use special geofilters at the Hollywood Bowl/John Williams’ special E.T. one man show

(1:47:35 - 1:57:36) Let’s Interview an Intern - Lauren put a Besser mask on her dog - Celebrity masks for your dog

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Impressed by Besser's Angels TM, and fine well-rounded episode. Just happened upon a piece of history from the early Sklarbro days, Matt, Danielle and Kremer were standing in, and during the very last plugs, this: https://vocaroo.com/...nd=download_mp3

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