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Hope this isn't a repost (I searched first).

Trollhunter was brilliant, lots to be made fun of.
Trailer -

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Just joined here after spending the last month or so catching up on HDTGM after accidently stumbling on it while looking for something to listen to to keep me alive while working night shifts.


I saw Trollhunter a few days ago and just thought I'd give it a bump here as while its undoubtedly a very enjoyable watch theres stuff that, as the ancient post above mentions, scream out to be taken apart, prodded a bit and then flung into a corner in frustration.


For instance, while fully acknowledging it was made on a very limited budget, the CGI goes from extremely impressive to something closer to sub sub Harryhausen seconds later and make Wallace and Gromit look like Jurassic World.


The trolls themselves are too comical looking and after consulting wiki after watching I found out that they were based on Norwegian cartoon postcard type trolls for kids.


Although they give an endearingly daft and laughable pseudo scientific explanation for the trolls turning to stone in daylight, or more accurately UV light, they never try to explain in any way the fact that the trolls get enraged by the smell of the blood of a Christian or believer in God, even though that turns out to be a pretty big element of the story. Also when the young Muslim camerawoman turns up, Hans, the troll hunter, who previously was pretty strict that everyone must be an atheist for their own safety, doesnt seem to give a shit that the girl is muslim, when asked if that is okay he just shrugs and says "we'll see" & that's all, he doesnt give a shit at all, even though, although Im no theologist by any stretch of the imagination, I'm still pretty sure that Muslims believe in God.

Which might make the trolls a sub Artic off shoot of ISIS or something, just going after the Christians.


The oh so clever electricity pylons that are actually cunningly disguised electric fences to keep the trolls in their preserve might be okay for the giant trolls but most of the others, even though pretty big, are nowhere near tall enough to be affected by the height of the wires and can just casually stroll under or maybe just duck to avoid the wires.


Oh, and though its repeatedly stated that daylight is deadly to trolls, the climatic fight with the giant troll takes place completely in daylight. Or the grimy sunlight of the long artic summer daytime at least, but still daylight no matter what.


But still a very enjoyable watch and worth a good kicking.


And mention must be made of the really clever editing at the end where the Norwegian prime minister casually mentions in a press conference that there are trolls about and the ministry of wildlife guy from the film who is sitting beside him nearly shits his pants when its said. It wasnt until wiki-ing afterwards that i realised that that was the actual Norwegian PM at the time of the films release. That bit is really well done.

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