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Episode 73 - Meatballs with Russ Banham

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Author and director Russ Banham joins Matt and guest co-host Steve Agee to discuss his role as Bobby Crockett in the 1979 classic comedy Meatballs. Russ tells of how his unusual wardrobe helped him during his audition before sharing stories of filming in a real summer camp and working alongside Bill Murray. Later, Russ talks about transitioning from acting into writing as well as how he ended up alongside the Rolling Stones on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

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What a fantastic episode with great insight! I love when guests are forthright with behind the scenes knowledge and Russ did not disappoint. So rad that he improvised the Bobby/Crockett/Mom dialogue.


Like Matt and Steve, Meatballs is very nostalgic for me. It’s one of my dad’s fave comedies and I remember sitting in our den and watching it on VHS when I was a kid...one of the only VHS tapes we had in the early 90s. To this day, I still quote the best Bill Murray line, “You beat The Stomach.”


I Was There, Too is such a fun podcast and Matt Gourley is such a joy that it kinda bums me out this forum is not visited by more fans.

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