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Episode 314 - The Zone Between

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Mookie Blaiklock, Brandon Gardner, and Craig Rowin join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! We’ll meet a surveillance program for Catcher in the Rye fans, the world’s most obnoxious automated delivery service, and a dancer who loses his cool after seeing a fan’s ripped pants. Later, a Bar Mitzvah boy’s search for a more thrilling Torah portion takes his life in an unexpected direction.



(0:40-10:07) Intro Discussion - Haunted houses- A man wants to protect his fraternity brothers from the

horrors of a haunted house.


(10:20-21:50) Question from Twitter- “What is the first book you remember reading more than once?”-

A surveillance program investigating Catcher in the Rye fans.


(21:55-33:49) Twitter Suggestion- “Are those girl’s roller-skates you’re wearing? “- A man wearing a pink

scarf is confused for a gay man.


(35:54-47:02) Let's Talk Some More About That - Sarah Silverman’s, ‘I Love You, America’ - A rehearsal dinner joins together a Jewish family and country family.


(47:10-55:07) Crap on YouTube- Self driving pizza delivery car- A man struggles with an annoying

automated delivery car.


(55:15-1:07:51) Twitter Suggestion- Gusset- A dance crew is rattled after meeting a fan with ripped



(1:08:02-1:21:32) Twitter Suggestion- Idolatry- A boy tries to make his Torah reading more interesting

for his Bar Mitzvah.


(1:21:40-1:32:08) Crap on YouTube- Mike Tyson gets angry during an interview- A man’s roommate

continuously outs him as a convicted rapist and basketball fan.

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Engineer Cody just being in the room was enough to screw up both of my youtube clips and make them start in the middle. Assume he was watching Steph Curry highlights.

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Way to look at the glass half-empty, your clips were the only ones getting any joy! But anyway, real strong line-up, liking the rotation lately, and some great sketches.

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