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Episode 99 — Pets Who Have Passed

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I think we've all gone through the sorrow of losing a loved one too soon. Even worse is the pain of the passing of a furry friend. Please take this time to think of your own late companions and pet your living friends extra hard. Thanks Bill!

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This couldn't have come at a better time. The Universe just gave me a dander free snuggle today.
RIP Puff Catty.

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Thank you Bob for saying those names, and by saying them, you released them. Grandmother thanks you for letting go and your well wishes for her loss. No pet loss is ever easy. Lillyflop Bunnysox was on my lap just typing on the keyboard as if she personally wanted to thank you just a second ago. Where has the crazy kitten gotten to? Lillyfloppers? Lilly... Oh. Oh, God, no!!!!!

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It is pretty emotionally draining. I too would have been tempted to take my hands off the wheel and use the arms attached to said hands and wrap them around my pets...


Snoopy Doggy Dog the Dog

Doug E Dog

Dog Benson

Engineer Dog

Kitty Pryde

William Cat

Yusaf Islam

and, of course, Nine Inch Snails

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