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Episode 318 - The Science of Comedy

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Mike Mitchell, Alex Fernie, Chad Carter, Hillary Matthews and special guest Jesse David Fox join Matt Besser for scenes about a freegan IT worker, an extremely competitive grandfather, and a prank show that pranks pranksters. Plus, they take a peek into the comedy of the future, and the failure to analyze a stand-up set properly leads to disaster.



(8:45 - 14:40) Intro Story - Bands don’t like to be labeled or compared to other artists - A heavy metal band performs only Joan Baez covers


(14:46 - 26:25) Twitter Suggestion - Poverty - Freegan IT guy charges in chicken nuggets


(29:39 - 39:32) Question from Listener - “What’s something you purchased as a kid with your own money and instantly regretted?” - An extremely competitive grandpa


(40:19 - 57:30) Lady on the Street Interview - “Whats the worst lie you’ve ever told your parents?” - A parent complains to the school about their child’s substitute teacher being a shark


(59:18 - 1:07:54) Let’s Talk Some More About That - What do we think about people who record tragedy with their phones? - Mike produces a high-budget shoot around his friend getting punched in the face


(1:08:00 - 1:20:19) Crap on Youtube - “Girl blames her stupidity on racism after she tries to order French fries from Taco Bell” - Prank videos that prank prank video producers


(1:20:24 - 1:33:20) Crap on Youtube - “Attack of the Mumbling Junkie” - In the future, the rule of 3s means the number 3 is inherently funny


(1:33:29 - 1:44:43) Let’s Talk to Jesse - Jesse’s podcast Good One and how comedians approach joke telling - Chris Rock gets his set analyzed scientifically by Dat Phan

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Besser should have given Mumbling Junkie a few more seconds. It becomes very clear that Mumbling Junkie is the aggressor and the scene's asshole.

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