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Episode 321 - The Darts Side: LIVE from Chicago Pt. 2

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Jon Gabrus and Jessica McKenna join Matt Besser for part two of a live episode from Chicago! They take audience suggestions that inspire scenes about a team of nerdcatchers, a specialty toilet for a bad back, and a genie that gets wished into a relationship. Plus, teens make a high speed Taco Bell run and Jon has a hard time concentrating during his wife’s work stories.


(3:35-6:25) Intro Story - Trying to get a cherry out of glass- Man noisily tries to get a cherry out of his drink during a play


(7:20-8:52) Intro Story - Two bearded audience members wearing nerdy t-shirts- Two people track nerds in the woods.


(9:38-13:15) Audience Suggestion - Wolf - Two actors learn about working with monkeys


(14:03-18:06) Question from Listener - What was the moment you realized you weren’t a kid anymore? – A couple tours a house with a large specialty toilet made for people with bad backs


(18:18-25:03) Audience Suggestion - Wet Dream- A woman wishes a genie into being her boyfriend.


(25:12-28:50) Question from Listener - Have you ever recused a pig from a slaughter farm? – A couple chooses which pig they want to eat from a little girl’s pet pig collection.


(31:37-36:50) Question from Listener - Who was your least favorite teacher? – A reckless teen breaks his physics teachers prized model.


(37:00-38:52) Let’s Talk Some More About That - High school lunch runs- High School students try to get Taco Bell as quickly as possible.


(39:24-40:46) Audience Suggestion - Darth/Darts – Darth Vader tries to convince Luke to join his game of darts over a ping pong game.


(40:43-48:12) Audience Suggestion - Permaculture – Jon can’t focus during his wife’s work stories, and his wife can’t be quiet during his stories.


(49:06-54:32) Question from Listener - What is the worst Halloween costume you have worn? – A young prop comedian makes a closing statement in mock trial.


(55:23-1:02:21) Audience Suggestion- Zamboni – A boy’s roughhousing goes too far, and he must see a doctor.


(1:08:46-1:15:47) Intro Story- Buying shrooms in Amsterdam- A businessman sells shrooms with very specific side effects.

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The "Brian Pocketpussy" line to end the improv was so good

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