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Best of 2017 - Vote Now!

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Hello humons! We are putting together our Improv4humans Best of 2017 episode, and we need your help! Attached is a compilation of breakdowns for all of the episodes from the past year. Please copy/paste (or otherwise indicate) which scenes you think should be included in this year's episode! You can vote for as many scenes as you want. Thank you for helping make improv4humans the best podcast in the universe!

2017 Breakdown Updated.compressed.pdf

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These were on my list that I've compiled during my i4h binge.

Just finished the whole backlog in 277 days.



(2:50 - 7:23) Audience Suggestion - “Fireworks” - A coffee shop uses confusing measurements

(7:29 - 15:55) Audience Suggestion - “Haircut” - Selling a celebrity’s literal shit on eBay


(46:44 - 1:03:04) What the Fuck Is Going On? - Amherst mascot removal - Sports fans get more excited about the team name than the team


(18:04 - 31:30) Question from Listener - “What stupid thing about yourself did you try to hide from your significant other?” - Getting your boyfriend to admit he owns a shitty car is important to a relationship’s success


(44:41 - 1:08:23) What the Fuck Is Going On - Hollywood sign traffic complaints - Having locals help you take the craziest selfie with the Hollywood sign


(39:15 - 48:46) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Chuck E. Cheese’s got rid of the animatronics - Kids plan their birthday parties with extremely basic requests


(39:00 - 46:00) - Man on the Street Interview - “What is your proudest accomplishment” - Army veterans war memories all focus on the ills of marriage


(10:20-21:50) Question from Twitter- “What is the first book you remember reading more than once?” - A surveillance program investigating Catcher in the Rye fans.

(21:55-33:49) Twitter Suggestion- “Are those girls roller-skates you’re wearing? “- A man wearing a pink scarf is confused for a gay man.

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Episode 314- Mookie Blaiklock, Brandon Gardner, Craig Rowin


(47:10-55:07) Crap on YouTube- Self driving pizza delivery car- A man struggles with an annoying automated delivery car.


Episode 292 - Mookie Blaiklock, Jacob Wysocki, Lou Wilson


(1:05:55 - 1:15:45) Intro Story - Earwolf merch doesn’t feature much Besser - Besser petitions Mr. Earwolf for better treatment


Episode 290 - Dan Lippert, Jon Mackey, Ryan Rosenberg, Drew Tarver


(51:15 - 1:01:35) Crap on Youtube - “Neighbor’s Feud Spelled Out in For Sale Sign” - Defending your offensive sign on the merits of its “wordplay”


Episode 287 - 420 Special: Jon Gabrus, Horatio Sanz, Brian Huskey, Gavin Speiller


(18:45 - 30:57) Question from Listener - “What’s your closest call almost-died experience?” - Calling the cops about rocks falling off buildings


Episode 284 - Will Hines, Andy Daly


(1:15 - 6:56) Intro Story - Getting calls from numbers you don’t recognize - Will takes calls from relentless solicitors


(38:14 - 45:45) Crap on Youtube - “Tinkerbell in Tears After Disneyland Spat” - Meeting the “realest” Goofy at the park


Episode 277 - Charlie Sanders, Don Fanelli, Laura Willcox


(35:10 - 42:34) Crap on Youtube -”Huey Lewis Groupie" - Child services cares more about the layout of the kitchen than the family dynamic


Episode 271 - LIVE @ UCB Sunset w/ Ian Roberts, John Gemberling, Gil Ozeri


(45:08 - 56:38) Crap on Youtube - “Invasion of the Sex Robots” - World’s leading sex roboticist lays his sexuality on the line

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