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Episode 8 - Sketch Comedy

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Jon & Lauren get sketchy on an episode all about sketch comedy! They explain why watching SNL is like a sport and how great acting elevated Kids In The Hall, and revisit classic sketches from Mr. Show, In Living Color and more. Plus: another Very Special Episode of Roseanne with Scott Aukerman & Betsy Sodaro!

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Comedy Central was awesome in the mid-/late-90s with weekday afternoon re-runs of SNL and TKitH. I can't believe that Lauren and Jon couldn't remember "Gavin", the Bruce McCulloch* character in the clip they played; he was probably the single most memorable character from the show for me. As far as SNL casts, the Farley/Sandler/Spade one felt like "my" cast in terms of live episodes, but I was also a huge fan of the previous Hartman/Carvey/Hooks era from re-runs.


*Also responsible for a two-word phrase that one of my friends and I used endlessly in college:


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