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Episode 324 - Besser and Schneider

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Danielle Schneider joins Matt Besser this week for an improv2humans! They perform scenes about a mom who just wants a birthday card on time, a waiter who offers deep-cutting character critiques, and a doctor with acting career advice. Later, a cheerleader gets interrogated about her cheers after a car accident, and the sandwich-on-head bet turns into a flight risk.


(0:00-13:05) Intro Discussion- ‘Nichols and May’ - A Mother and daughter argue over sending birthday



(13:06-23:46) Intro Discussion- ‘Real Housewives vs Fantasy Football’ - A couple argues over which is better

for you Real Housewives or Fantasy Football.


(23:47-32:57) Intro Discussion- ‘Slow Waiters’ - A waiter really tries to get to the root of a patron’s troubles.


(35:53-42:55) Twitter Suggestion- ‘Doctor’- A Doctor who is very into their patient’s acting career.


(42:56-52:41) Twitter Suggestion- ‘Car Accidents’ - After an accident a distraught cheerleader is

questioned by a cop about her cheering merit.


(52:42-1:04:15) Intro Story- ‘Christmas Eve Dinner’- A man takes his pants to the dry cleaners after his

daughter threw up on them.


(1:04:16-) Intro Discussion - ‘Sandwich Head Bets’- A woman on a plane refuses to remove a sandwich from

her head.

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After listening to I4H for the last 4 years, I feel like Matt and I are family. This episode is one of my favorites of all time. I also have a nearly 5 year-old daughter, in-laws/parents that have weird quarks, and a wife that laughs at me and with me. I loved this. Always love when Danielle is on the show, but when it is just the two of them, this was gold. So relatable. Truth is comedy.

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