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Episode 26 - X-Moms: Days of Mother’s Moms (w/ Zeke Nicholson)

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Zeke Nicholson (White Women) joins Zach and Jess this week for a new maternally mutant musical! With songs like "Captain James Pilot", "This Fight Is A Mother", and "What A Stink We Made", you'll be sure to gain all the powers after listening to these completely improvised tunes.

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Of course Zeke was amazing. This episode had some of the best songs they're ever done.


The reprise of "What A Stink We Made" had me dying.

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How many piano-playing Scotts do you guys have over there??? Great ep!


Holy crap, "This Fight Is a Mother" might be the best song on this podcast so far!


Couldn't agree more. Zeke's beatboxing was rockin'.

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