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Pet Helpers by Eliza Skinner

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Presenting “Pet Helpers” by Eliza Skinner. When a plan to scam people into buying pet insurance for the Rapture goes awry, it’s up to Mimi (Eliza Skinner) and her roommate Jane (Jessica McKenna) to figure out what's going on and maybe save the world. Featuring Eliza Skinner, Jessica McKenna, Erin Whitehead, Paul F. Tompkins, Paul Scheer, Jared Logan, and Bryan Cook.

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Loved this! Mimi was, like, peak 90s slacker.


This felt like a combination between a lost Bryan Fuller concept (back when he still did weird dark comedy) and a cool comic book, or something.


Now I want to see more things written by Eliza Skinner!


Are there any plans for more, or was this a one-off based on a TV script?

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