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Super Awesome Job Harris!

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I for one think Harris is doing a fine job. Anyone who says otherwise is just jealous that they don't have a podcast in which to discuss their nerdy obsessions. To all of you phriends out there that think they could do a better job, here is a list of reasons that you would fail. (Remember, these do not apply to everyone, only the people on this forum.)

1. You are most likely a spun out, easily aggravated, dirty Wookie that can barley form a sentence.

2. You are probably so dissuasive that you couldn't convince "The Fonz" that he was cool.

3. The show is not called "Over Analyze Phish". It is, after all, just a band, not your little sister having sex with a black guy that you don't approve of.

4. Just because you might posses more knowledge than someone else on a subject, does not inherently make you a more entertaining host. Who's more entertaining, Bill Nye the Science Guy, or that insufferable Stephen Hawking?

5. You are most likely not that funny.

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