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Episode 332 - Noah Gundersen and the Long Lost Prom Queen

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Musical guest Noah Gunderson joins Eugene Cordero, Toni Charline, and Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! Noah plays songs off his latest album White Noise that inspire scenes about how often Jesus washes his beard, hiring a stripper based on musical taste, and a relationship mystic with dubious aims. Plus, a prom queen gets recognized later in life and a nerdy kid must audition for a sports team.


(0:51-25:35) Let’s Hear a Song- “After All” [1:54 – 4:27]- 1. The apostles question Jesus’s hair care (4:28-13:25)/ 2. A bachelor party featuring a stripper with unusual music choices and an extremely realistic blow up doll (13:40-25:35)


(27:01-56:36) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “Bad Desire” [27:24-31:21]-1. A guy in denial that he has been broken up with (31:22-56:57)/ 2. A relationship psychic who is pressured to help a couple at odds (47:12-56:36)


(57:20-1:26:51) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “Fear and Loathing” [57:32-1:01:44]-1. A Prom Queen is recognized years later (1:01:45-1:09:27)/ 2. A nerdy kid is forced to audition for a sports team to avoid being picked on. (1:09:48-1:26:52)

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ACTUALLY Paul wasn't around until after the resurrection...

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