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Dear Scotts, I Made You A Song...

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The way the show starts already with an REM track etc. is fabulous so I don't pompously intend this as a potential new theme song, simply an idea I had as a bit of a jingle for you...not to replace any of the fine pre-existing jingles, mind you but it's simply a song...not intended to replace any of the songs played, mind you but...you know what? Forget it. Don't even listen to it. I'm leaving. I'm human shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Bad brain. Bad. I'm garbage. I'm spit.


No but seriously, hope you guys enjoy it. If you deem this lowly peasant worthy and care to share it, it's called "R U Talkin' An "R U Talkin' REM Re: Me?" Song Re: Me?" and the artist is "Nick Prol & The Proletarians" (http://proletarians.bandcamp.com) Plug! (Ignore the other stuff on my Soundcloud it's lame. That bandcamp's where it's at)



This is fan-made rock and roll....uh...music.




-Nick Prol

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