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Never Back Down (2008)

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It's like Karate Kid mixed with Fight Club...only complete shit! You know, partly because they throw in a bunch of teenage garbage. They remove the good elements and replace it with trash...and then double down. It even includes a fighting event called "The Beatdown"!


Somehow, it was a financial success, so there's that...




"Ready! Get some!"

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Hollywood trying to capitalize on the MMA fad and market it to teens by making it look "sick." So many douchey moments. Including giant, cliche high school house parties where the (25+ year old model looking) students regularly hold organized fights, since everyone is trained of course. And yes, it is a direct rip off of the Karate Kid, only it is very bad.


Also: "Seven years."

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At the time mma was finally starting to gain some respect and traction, after some really dark times in the 90s when politicians waged a witch hunt against the UFC. 

Then this film comes out and totally makes a mockery of the sport. Why the back yard fights? Why not just have an mma movie, be about actual mma fights?

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