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Episode 334 - Bunk 6 For Life: LIVE from SF Sketchfest

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Jess McKenna, Jon Gabrus, and Horatio Sanz join Matt Besser straight from SF Sketchfest! They’ll take audience suggestions that lead to scenes about a group of campers that turned to piracy, finding real human connections in the grocery story, and the world’s most annoying dentist. Later, a bachelor deals with his stripper PTSD and a support group for wrongdoers reacts harshly to minor misdeeds.


(1:09-7:06) Audience Suggestion- Sailboat- A group of campers become pirates after being forced to learn to sail.

(7:17-14:56) Audience Suggestion- Friendship/ Turtle- A mother who tells gruesomely realistic fairy tales.

(15:08-23:48) Audience Suggestion- Sprouts- A man trying to force kid to confront his weight.

(24:00-35:21) Question from Twitter- Worst Birthday Party- A man tortured by his by his terrible bowling skills since childhood.

(37:25-42:23) Audience Suggestion- Hairstylist- A collection of dentist with terrible habits.

(42:26-44:13) Question from Twitter- What Was Your Strangest Experience with Weather? - A man running for mayor in Arizona stresses the importance of flood awareness.

(44:38-49:41) Question from Twitter- Have you Ever Had Sex Outside? – A man who has only had sex in cars tries to transition into sex in a bed

(49:56-56:32) Question from Twitter- What is Your Best or Worst School Dance Experience? – A man with stripper PTSD tries to move on from his trauma.

(56:57-1:09:35) Question from Twitter- What is the Maddest Someone Has Been at You? – A group for people to confess their small wrong doings

(1:09:41-1:14:12) Audience Suggestion- Dairy- A woman tries to figure out which Geek Squad employee is the father of her child.

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I am constantly amazed that Jess McKenna isn't an elementary school teacher, but I'm very glad we got her instead of some stupid fucking kids.

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I like how Gabrus's theme for SXSW was "knowing two things" about things.

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