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29 Lifes Rich Pageant

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Adam Scott Aukerman say hello to their friends, fans, and family as they discuss R.E.M.'s fourth studio album, Lifes Rich Pageant. They’ll talk about E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Adam’s on call camera crew, and The Guinness Book of World Records before diving into the 1986 album. Plus, they share their Top 5 Scorsese Films in another edition of “I Love Films.”

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I got into REM when they appeared on a local radio show promoting Fables of the Reconstruction, but became obsessed with them when Lifes Rich Pageant came out. This is one of my favorite albums of all time and never tire of listening to it. This is a perfect album from start to finish.

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This podcast is really interesting - I love REM as much as Scott & Adam, but my tastes seem to be the opposite of theirs. They seemed apprehensive towards Fables and it's my favorite. And while I dig Lifes Rich Pageant a lot, it is my least favorite of the first four 'early' era records.


Like, I want REM to tease choruses and twist song structures in weird and mysterious ways. On Lifes, they lose some of that, and I miss it. And it's not as groovy as their earlier things (except Fall On Me and Superman). I put Murmur on and I groove in my chair throughout. I dance around listening to Fables. Lifes just feels much more standard (on an REM scale anyway, it's still more interesting than most musics).


I guess, I like strange REM. (Their next album is strange af, even the huge singles! and I love it.) They will soon drop the strangeness and are still pretty great, but Lifes coming in the early era makes the lack of strange stand out more.


Current rankings for me (not inc. EPs):


1. Fables Of The Reconstruction

2. Murmur

3. Reckoning

4. Lifes Rich Pageant

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A cool modern Camper Van Beethoven album is one where they do the entire album 'Tusk' by Fleetwood Mac over again. Complete with a speak-n-spell song. It's weird but fun.

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My ranking of the songs:


1. Begin the Begin

2. Swan Swan H

3. Fall on Me

4. Superman

5. Cuyahoga

6. I Believe

7. The Flowers of Guatemala

8. Underneath the Bunker

9. What if We Give it Away?

10. Just a Touch

11. These Days

12. Hyena

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TRUE STORY: I'm from Cuyahoga county, where Cleveland and the Cuyahoga river are! When I first got this album (on a dub tape with no song titles)... I had no idea that Michael was singing "Cuyahoga!" because he pronounces it like this Coi-ya-hoaga. It didn't sound like the name of the county/river I knew so well. I thought we was saying "Pull Your Hoods Up" like some weird metaphorical way of saying "Open Your Eyes." Wasn't it fun really digging into the old albums and meeting Stipe halfway when trying to figure out the lyrics?

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