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Jay Rundo

Hertzlichen Geburtstag Hayes!!!

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Well it's Hayes' Birthday today, so lets show our good friend how much we appreciate him.


I plan on releasing a video to show my love later this afternoon. (After i get off work)


I encourage all of my fellow forum people to do the same =)




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I already sent the boys a love letter and the mailman kicked it into the dirt and sent it back packing. 😢
Honestly I may have thought they were gay lovers at the time?  I dunno, I was pretty silly when I wrote it.

Tomorrow night the boys will be in Booooostoon, if they aren't already! So much excite!

  • I have my "Chilling with my peeps" shirt laid out and ready to go.  (I thought the boys would prefer me being aloof than wearing my nice and being nice shirt like some sycophant.)
  • We get let out of work at 2pm which is good because I need plenty of time to pace in a circle before the show.
  • I'm meeting a fellow Handbook Head there as my date since my wife said, "no way" for some weird reason and I don't want to laugh alone in the dunce corner. 🧐
  • I've heard so many drunk driving commercials lately I'm going to get an Uber there and back, despite being a cheap ass.

I have the following presents to deliver to the boys / Chef Kevin at the merch table:

  • 1 Hollywood Handbook hand-Painted Rock in honor of The Rockwell 2018
  • 1 Boston Celtics Lighter (pronounced Kel-Tics, Sell-teeks, Ksel-tacks, Klaatu barada nikto)
  • 1 Turkey Leg or Hog Leg for Kevin, his choice (an $8 or $15 pre-roll, legal in Mass as long as you give it away and don't accept any money for it.  Does he still puff?  Maybe he got clean after he found love.  Anyway, somebody failed to come through in Chicago so I thought I'd do the right thing and step it up for him in beantown.  Always nice to bump into the herbal essence when you're in a new place.)

Happy Birthday Hayes.  Thanks for the belly laughs. 🍰🎉🤳

I've even gotten my brother into the show now.  (Yes! That's one convert!)  Sorry about my wife guys.  I let you all down.
Honestly I don't even go to movies anymore?  I just watch Half in the Bag reviews instead.  I don't watch TV anymore (excepting Netfleek, HBow, etc.) because I hate commercials.  The only commercials I ever hear anymore are HH ones.



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