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Episode 337 - Michael Dean Damron, Mishka Shubaly, and the Turkey Tussle

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Michael Dean Damron returns to improv4humans along with fellow musician Mishka Shubaly and improvisers Joel Spence, Lou Wilson, and Matt Besser! Michael and Mishka perform songs that inspire scenes about Jesus’s most annoying fan, a couple so polite they ruined their sex life, and a wildly vulgar audition. Plus, a teacher shuts down the life dreams of his students and a nephew uses his newfound size to intimidate his uncle.




(:10-19:05) Let’s Listen to a Song- “Diabetes Blues” (1:46-4:36)- Jesus is confronted by his most annoying fan (4:37-11:08)/ A man showers a pig in expensive gifts (13:11-19:05)

(20:00-44:13) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “World’s Smallest Violin” (20:20-24:33)- A couple ruins their sex life by being too polite. (24:34-33:57)/ A nice girl is transformed by a terrible relationship (34:21-44:13)

(44:40-1:03:33) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “Fuck You” (46:00-49:53)- An extremely vulgar musical audition (49:59-56:18)/ A woman demands her husband picks up her poop like a dog (56:30-1:03:33)

(1:03:44-1:24:47) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “Your Stupid Dreams” (1:04:10-1:08:31)- A teacher enforces realistic dreams on their students (1:08:51-1:16:18)/ An uncle is intimidated by his large nephew (1:16:19-1:24:47)

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what was the intro music for this episode?


"If I Had a Gun" by Michael Dean Damron. It's a great song that can be heard on the previous episode of I4H with MDD as the musical guest.




I realize this is a forum for a comedy podcast, but I hope this message will eventually reach Mr. Damron. I could not find a more direct method.


When he mentioned he was recently diagnosed with diabetes, my heart went out to him. I hope he takes good care of himself because he is an immensely talented, smart, and insightful individual who is not afraid to call things for what they are.


I have been a type 1 insulin diabetic for more than 40 years. I have no retinopathy, no neuropathy, no kidney damage, and no amputations. In short, I am still in one piece and still quite active, healthy and productive.


Don't get me wrong. It has not been easy.


The most important thing is to put diabetes management before EVERYTHING else. Make sure blood sugar does not get too low or go too high for a sustained period of time. Never say, "screw it" I'll deal with it later.


It is possible to keep mindful control of bloodsugar and still have a productive and fun life. When I was younger I used to drink and use other recreational substance, but I always kept in mind that i still needed to keep track of bloodsugar.


It is far better to deal with it in the present so you can have a full and rewarding life. Mismanagement and negligence may be easier in the short run, but life expectancy will be far shorter and much less pleasant trying to find your way without your sight, kidneys, and feet.


If he has any questions or concerns he is more than welcome to contact me.

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thanks for the info, any idea where i can find that song? ive checked everywhere. was it only performed on i4h?

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