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Episode 341 - St. Lenox and the Pool With Lips

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Musical guest St. Lenox joins improvisers Paul F. Tompkins, Seth Morris, and Janet Varney for this week’s improv4humans! St. Lenox plays a selection of songs that inspire scenes about a jingle karaoke bar, the ghosts of deceased authors, and law students with big dreams. Plus, they’ll visit a highly advanced kindergarten before following Janet through her high school reunion.




(:52-16:46) Let’s Listen to a Song- “#BrooklynKaraokeParty” (3:50-7:34)- A karaoke bar where people sing classic commercial jingles (7:35-16:46)

(19:18-48:08) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “Thurgood Marshall” (19:34-23:27)- The ghosts of famous authors give terrible advice to an aspiring writer (23:28-33:53)/ Law students with big dreams (33:54-48:08)

(48:51-1:13:30) Let’s Listen to Another Song- “Public School System” (49:14-53:33)- Parents tour a highly advanced kindergarten (53:34-1:04:08)/ Classmates focus on a girl’s weight at a high school reunion (1:05:20-1:13:30) 

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