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Episode 86 - I Was There Zoo with Animal Trainer Molly O'Neill

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Actress and animal trainer for film and TV Molly O’Neill joins Matt and guest co-host Amanda Lund to talk about being responsible for some of the great animal performances in cinema and TV history. Molly shares stories of working with direwolves on Game of Thrones, a runaway goat on the set of Gangster Squad, and a shitting monkey on a music video. Plus, Matt and Amanda ask Molly if their cat Margaux the Fat Guy has a potential acting career.

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I was going to point to Matt's Letterboxd list for theme songs but it hasn't been updated in nearly a year.


It's the

from Return of The Jedi.


THANK YOU! I should've known. And I knew about his letterboxd list! If I had to guess, he probably stopped updating the it because you can't add a movie more than once.

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I wish they had asked about the 'A Dogs Purpose' deal that went viral and set people straight on that one. It seemed pretty obvious that they showed the dog not wanting to go in the water and then cut to it the water, but it could have been days later. The Humane Society on set representative said everything was done properly, but TMZ made it look awful, as they do.

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