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Episode 343 - Volunteer Genie: LIVE from SXSW 2018

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Jon Gabrus, James Adomian, Betsy Sodaro, Horatio Sanz, and Lauren Lapkus join Matt Besser for a live improv4humans from SXSW! They’ll take audience suggestions that inspire scenes about a very young babysitter, a couple swapping disturbing stories on a first date, and a series of wasted wishes. Later, Alex Jones unearths an ice cream conspiracy and millennial students learn how to use their imaginations.


(1:16-7:47) Audience Suggestion- Wakanda- The new 9th grade playwriting teacher sentences his whole class to detention

(8:00-12:40) Audience Suggestion- Trump- Trump tries to win during a sketch

(12:41-19:45) Audience Suggestion- Babysitter- A very young babysitter is forced to watch people who are much older than her.

(20:02-24:31) Audience Suggestion- France- A man trying to report a crime is caught up in a group call with employees of his hotel.

(24:58-30:22) Audience Suggestions- Tide Pods- A couple on a first date swap horrifying stories from their lives.

(31:16-39:23) Audience Suggestion- Brownie- A group wastes all their Genie’s wishes

(39:32-46:00) Audience Suggestion- Jesse Venture- Pro-Wrestler’s can’t hide the fact that they are actually friends.

(46:06-53:03) Audience Suggestion- Flat Earth- Alex Jones tries to unearth an ice cream conspiracy.

(53:11-57:28) Audience Suggestion- IT- People pitching a new horror movie end up inside the movie.

(57:38-1:02:27) Audience Suggestion- Schizophasia- A woman tries to break up with her husband and his many personalities.

(1:02:36-1:10:37) Audience Suggestion- Sassy- A boy gets advice from his parents on road head.

(1:10:48-1:19:06) Audience Suggestion- VR- A man goes through a terrible VR experience.

(1:19:15-1:20:55) Audience Suggestion- Maple Syrup- A language barrier between a Canadian and a man trying to buy maple syrup

(1:21:03-1:33:00) Audience Suggestion- Computers- A group of millennial students learn how to use their imaginations again.

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