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Episode 87 - City Slickers and The Simpsons with Yeardley Smith

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Actress Yeardley Smith joins Matt to discuss her role as Nancy in the 1991 film City Slickers as well as being the voice of Lisa Simpson in The Simpsons. Yeardley talks about acting in Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing in her early years, working with Stephen King, and the draw of the live stage. Plus, we’ll hear the story behind Homer’s voice change, tales from Mom’s on Strike, and the origin of Yeardley’s podcast Small Town Dicks.

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I understand this not being a point of conversation because Yeardley is delightful and the controversy surrounding Apu is certainly not around her at all, but she does voice Lisa and they had that character be the new voice of the anti-pc campaign as a response to Hari's documentary. It always rubbed me the wrong way that Lisa, the one character that was actually the one to fight for the oppressed and be the liberal representative, suddenly breaks the fourth wall to tell people to stop complaining because no one said anything 30 years ago when they first started doing this. I just wonder what Yeardley's thoughts around this are, because I'm sure she herself doesn't exactly get a say in what comes out of Lisa's mouth but she even says she knows this characters extremely well, so I wonder if she thought this was a stance Lisa would've taken.


Again, don't fault Matt for not bringing this up at all. Simply wanted to mention here myself.

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